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Say goodbye to frown lines: Pure Image now offering a product that some say is better than Botox.

Amy Roach is an RN at Pure Image.

If you like to sport a wrinkle-free forehead like I do, you probably have Botox maintenance scheduled every few months.

When I showed up at Pure Image for my appointment in June, Amy Roach, a licensed RN (and my chief injector) told me about a product the aesthetic treatment center in Stephenville is now offering its patients.

Xeomin is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to reduce the look of frown lines.

Amy said customers have been raving about it, so I gave it a try.

“It’s a cleaner product, lasts longer (than Botox) and you don’t build an immunity to it,” she said. “I am getting really great feedback on it.”

It’s been a full month now since I received my first treatment of Xeomin and I’m a fan.

The product took effect in about two days - compared to the seven to nine days it takes for Botox to work – and I like that it has fewer additives, giving you (and me) a lesser chance of developing antibodies.

The cost for Xeomin is the same as Botox - $12 per unit.

Oh, and if you prefer to use Dysport for that wrinkle-free look, Pure Image carries that as well.

Give Amy a call at 254-968-7008 to discuss the treatment that is right for you.


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