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Saint-Gobain Abrasives confirms terminations amid FBI investigation.

My phone has been blowing up for more than a week with bits and pieces of information involving several high-profile terminations, allegations of widespread theft and an FBI investigation at Saint-Gobain Abrasives in Stephenville.

My contacts in the local law enforcement community have remained pretty tight-lipped about what they know, but Stephenville Police Chief Dan Harris confirmed that Saint-Gobain has hired the department’s off-duty police officers to provide extra security at the Stephenville plant.

And just moments ago, I received the following statement from Suzanne Loranc, a spokesperson for Saint-Gobain North America:

“A law enforcement operation occurred at our Saint-Gobain Abrasives location in Stephenville, TX and certain former employees were terminated. We are unable to share any specifics regarding this matter, except to note that Saint-Gobain North America is not the target of the investigation.

“Saint-Gobain North America is cooperating fully with law enforcement and will continue to do so until the investigation is complete.”

Sources with knowledge of the investigation told Beneath the Surface News that at least seven individuals have been terminated from the Stephenville plant amid the investigation.

I’ve also been told the investigation is centered on allegations that at least one employee (maybe more) schemed to bilk the company out of more than a million dollars by purchasing things like cordless power tools and other expensive equipment, then selling them on the side.

It is unclear at this point if anyone has been formally charged.

Sheriff Matt Coates said since the FBI is handling the case, it’s unlikely that any suspects would be held at the Erath County Jail after an arrest.

“They are usually taken into federal custody immediately,” he said.

Saint-Gobain is one of the largest employers in Stephenville with an estimated 430 employees.


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