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RIDE, a new rodeo film set in Stephenville, debuts on the big screen June 14.


Dallas-raised Jake Allyn’s newest film, RIDE, premieres in theaters across America this weekend.


Ride is about rodeo, both the sport and the way of life it represents.

And for Dallas’ Jake Allyn, it’s a story he has carried with him his entire life.


Set in Stephenville, TX, a place known as “The Cowboy Capital,” Ride follows a family built on three generations of bull riders.


When the patriarch, John (C. Thomas Howell) discovers that his only daughter’s cancer requires an expensive cell-therapy, he faces his toughest ride yet.


He desperately partners with his eldest son, Peter (Jake Allyn), an amateur bull rider so much like his dad that the two never speak, on a money heist.


They get it done in cowboy fashion, but are left murderers with only the eldest in the family, Al (Forrie J. Smith), to turn to.


When John’s wife, Sheriff Monica Hawkins (Annabeth Gish), takes on a case that could ruin her entire family, John and Peter find themselves emotionally dragged across dirt in a hold they can’t shake loose.


But these tragic circumstances may bring the family together if they can do one thing: Hold on.

 Click here to watch the official trailer.


Allyn’s directorial debut has been well-received by critics and audiences, winning the “Audience Award” for best feature film from the Dallas International Film Festival and the “Western Heritage Award” from the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.


RIDE will premiere at Cinemark Cinema 6 in Stephenville on Friday, June 14.



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