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Residents, police come together to peacefully protest death of George Floyd. And we are proud.

Event organizer Alex Jimenez (wearing red shirt) and supporters at Tuesday's rally.


It was a night we can all be proud of.

Men and women, young and old, people of all races and religions, came together Tuesday evening at Jaycee Park to do what so many others across the country could not: Peacefully protest the death of George Floyd.

Police Chief Dan Harris, Julio and Emma Jimenez and Asst. Chief Jason Halsey.

Stephenville Police Chief Dan Harris and several others from the department marched alongside the group that carried signs that read “We’re not trying to start a race war. We’re trying to end one,” and “Black lives matter.”

After the event, the Stephenville Police Department issued a statement praising the effort.

“The protest march was peaceful and there were no incidents of property damage or violence,” the statement read. “We would like to thank event organizers for our partnership that ultimately led to this safe and successful event.

“As always, the Stephenville Police Department is committed to providing excellent service to our community and to those who visit our community.”


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