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Q&A with Valerie Stephen, candidate for Erath County tax assessor/collector.

Valerie Stephen

Q. What do you believe is the most important role of tax assessor?


A. I believe that the most important role of a Tax Assessor Collector is understanding how to communicate with all staff and citizens of our county.

Q. What do you perceive to be the biggest challenge facing the Erath County tax assessor’s office and how do you propose that challenge be addressed?


A. I feel that the biggest challenge facing the Tax Assessor’s Office is our population growth.


With higher demand from the citizens and provided we have a new facility, we have options for hiring more employees and modernizing efficiency to help better serve you.

Q. Do you see judicial foreclosure of tax liens as a tool of first response or last resort? Explain.


A. I see judicial foreclosure of tax liens as a last response, because I would never want anyone to lose their assets without due process.


Q. What is your understanding of discrimination in the workplace? Does this include prohibiting employees from speaking in other languages during business hours or communicating with customers in their native language?


A. My understanding of discrimination within a workplace, is that there should not be any.


The fact is, being bilingual is a huge asset to any business that offers public services.


This is important as it is needed to accommodate our diversified community, regardless of what other language is being spoken.


Q. What educational and career experiences in your background make you uniquely qualified to serve in this elected capacity?


A. I have over 3 years experience within our local Tax Office under our current Tax Assessor Collector, Mrs. Carey while working for the Motor Vehicle Division.


Prior to working for the Tax Office I was self employed as a salon owner and stylist, successfully opening and building the foundation of 2 local salons that are both still in business and thriving today.


I am passionate about our community, the people in it, and have a love for helping citizens in the county we call home.


It would be an honor and privilege to be elected you next Tax Assessor Collector in continuance of my journey for helping others.


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