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Q&A with Dr. Tina Virgin, candidate for Stephenville City Council, place 8.

Updated: May 3

Tina Virgin

Q: What do you believe is the greatest challenge facing the city of Stephenville?  


A: Some of the greatest challenges facing Stephenville are infrastructure, zoning and new means of generating revenue. 


There are definite needs with respect to traffic and how to alleviate or re-route current travel throughout the city. With the number of students and citizens within the community, traffic and safety are areas of concern. 

An evaluation and closer look at zoning related to university housing, development and related areas, i.e. sororities, fraternities, is needed to provide a more cohesive area for students and equally allow subdivisions and housing for families and citizens.  


Also, businesses that are targeted towards all age groups and provide entertainment are lacking within our community which sends community members to other towns. 


Incentivizing could stimulate development of amusement and entertainment businesses. Initiation of and addressing each of these could generate revenue for Stephenville rather than other cities while also creating greater satisfaction.

Q:  How does Tarleton State University fit into the city’s economic future? And what is the city’s role in that relationship?  


A: It is important to have a balanced relationship between Tarleton State University (TSU) and the city. A strong relationship will benefit both residents of the university and the citizens of Stephenville.  


TSU provides an avenue for citizens seeking to further their education without relocating. The university helps with provision of educated and trained individuals within the community that can care for and teach area residents. 


Nursing and education departments positively impact the current need for nurses and teachers. 


TSU supports the economy with increased buying and spending in Stephenville and Erath County. With the continued increase in number of students, money spent within the community helps with financial needs. 


Growth in student numbers impacts employment and increases job opportunities. TSU student numbers will continue to impact population, home and business building and revenue generation.   


A few of the most recent areas of economic impact are widening of roads and refurbishment of older homes and buildings.  As infrastructure improves, Stephenville could entice graduates to invest in the community with new businesses and home purchases. 

Q:  What is the city council’s role in bringing a new business into town?


A: The council’s role in business procurement should be to evaluate the needs and wants of the citizens while determining how the business(es) would impact the citizens and growth of the city and community. 


Based on the projected impact of a new business, the council’s discussion and responsibility should include location, interest and any incentives that may influence building. Location and support will be essential in decision-making and negotiations. 


Q:  Do you consider yourself a team player? How have you demonstrated that in the past and in other roles


A: I am a very strong team player. With productive teamwork, a positive outcome and projected goal can be attained. 


Team playing is visible in my profession as a nurse and my previous work as the community health advocate (CHA) and leader of the community health council for the healthcare system where I am currently employed since 2009. 


My responsibilities included reaching out to community members and building a strong council that evaluated the needs within Stephenville and work together to find methods to meet those needs. We worked as a team and were able to evaluate, develop, and initiate ways to impact agricultural safety, safer driving, community resource needs, and health needs for all ages. 


While in the role of CHA, I diplomatically worked with the council members to disseminate information and build programs, weighing cost-benefit in all decisions. 


I have also served on numerous decision-making committees in my tenure with healthcare.


Q: What in your educational/career background make you qualified to serve in this elected capacity?


A: I have a Doctorate in Nursing Degree along with two Masters of Nursing, one in Education with Clinical Nurse Specialty and the other in Informatics. 


Nursing has given me the ability to look at evidence in various situations presented while focusing on the overall well-being of the community. My goal as a city council member is to work towards a stronger, more productive, and all-around better community for my children and grandchildren and generations to come. 


I love Stephenville and have lived here for 45-plus years and will always work toward a healthier and thriving city and community. 


I want to make sure my family has all opportunities available and that requires a council that is future-focused and actively working toward new initiatives and how such initiatives can be accomplished. 


I believe that I have both knowledge and education to positively impact initiatives and support our citizens.



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