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Noble Research Institute hosting course for ranchers on ways to improve productivity, profitability. Here’s how to register.

Updated: May 15


Noble Research Institute, the nation’s largest nonprofit agricultural research organization, is hosting an in-person class to help ranchers unlock their growth potential with proven techniques for increasing soil fertility, water infiltration and holding capacity.

Noble Land Essentials will take place at Tarleton State University’s Agriculture Mechanics Building (room 119) May 16-17.

This specialized training can help ranchers improve their land and make their ranch more productive and profitable.

The producer-focused program will help calculate current financial context, cut unnecessary expenses and improve profits per acre.


Experts will demonstrate how adopting the six principles of soil health can reduce the need for costly inputs like synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Attendees will learn how to measure the impact of regenerative practices to make data-driven decisions that benefit the ranch from the ground up.


Click here to learn more and sign up for the class.


Since 1945, Noble Research Institute has been a leading resource in agricultural research and education dedicated to land stewardship.




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