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Q&A with Dean Parr, candidate for Stephenville City Council, place 4.

Updated: May 3

Dean Parr

Q: What do you believe is the greatest challenge facing the city of Stephenville?


A: Our city streets due to the rapid growth of both our city and Tarleton.

Q:  How does Tarleton State University fit into the city’s economic future? And what is the city’s role in that relationship?


A: I see Tarleton as being an extremely important aspect of our economic maintenance and growth and I believe that Tarleton and the City of Stephenville have a decent partnership.


The city’s role is to help guideline the university in its growth while maintaining a healthy balance that’s beneficial for both.

Q: What is the city council’s role in bringing a new business into town? 


A: To show economic stability and display a need for a company’s product in our area.


Q: Do you consider yourself a team player? How have you demonstrated that in the past and in other roles?


A: Having worked in construction my whole life I can tell you that a project does not get easily built without working together with all trades.


I believe that can be said for most projects in most walks of life.


I have worked as a team leader in previous companies and as a team member. Both are equally important, and I understand the roles of each.

Q: What in your educational/career background make you qualified to serve in this elected capacity?


A: I have proudly served on the Stephenville Board of Adjustments for the last two years.


In serving on the Board of Adjustments, I have gained more understanding into the city’s mechanics.


I have no political background nor personal agenda. My sole purpose is to give back to my hometown if given the opportunity.





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