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Q&A with David Martin, candidate for Justice of the Peace Pct. 2.

Updated: May 23, 2022

David Martin

Q. What are the main duties of the Justice of the Peace?

A. The Justice of the Peace hears State and County Ordinance cases, civil, truancy and eviction cases. The duties of the Justice of the Peace include setting bail at the County jail, issuing warrants, protective orders, and occupational driver’s licenses.

The Justice of the Peace also conducts inquests when there is a death without an attending physician.

Q. What educational and career experiences in your background make you the most qualified candidate for this position?

A. I spent 24 years enforcing laws, regulations and rules for a State regulatory agency. I dealt with many individuals.

At times, they didn’t always agree with my decisions, but I was doing my job. I made fair and unbiased decisions with the facts given.

Q. Why have you decided to run for Justice of the Peace?

A. I spent 24 years serving the people of Erath County and the State of Texas. I met a lot of people in bad situations, but we worked through them and most became friends. God laid it on my heart to continue being a servant in Erath County.

Q. If elected, what would you like to accomplish during your first two years in office?

A. To be known for abiding by the rules and statues set by the State. Also, for being fair and impartial on rulings that are made.


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