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Police Chief Dan Harris hopes to avoid issuing citations with 'voluntary compliance.'

Chief Dan Harris


When Gov. Greg Abbott announced his order to require Texans to wear face coverings in public places, he did so with a warning.

Failure to comply will first come with a warning and a second offense could result in a $250 fine.

BTS News spoke with Stephenville Police Chief Dan Harris on Friday, just as the order was going into effect.

Chief Harris made it clear that he does not want to ticket citizens who refuse to wear a mask in public, but he is strongly urging them to comply.

“Wearing face coverings is the right thing to do. The science tells us that it will save lives and we hope everyone will listen to the governor’s order,” Harris said. “We hope there will be voluntary compliance.”

Harris also said business owners have the right to require customers to wear a mask, and those who choose to argue or act belligerent “could face additional charges.”

“It’s a simple thing to do,” he said. “Just wear a mask.”


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