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Owner of The Ville Towing loses the right to operate in Stephenville.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Susan Skipworth

Trucks at The Ville Towing & Recovery won’t be firing up in Stephenville any time soon after the company lost its rights to operate in the city.

The company’s owner Susan Skipworth was arrested Monday and charged with a Class B misdemeanor for violating local towing laws.

Lt. Jeremy Lanier with the Stephenville Police Department told Beneath the Surface News that an investigation began after several complaints about the company’s business practices were made, but that’s not what landed Ms. Skipworth in hot water.

“During the investigation we discovered that Ms. Skipworth managed at least two of the properties that her company towed vehicles from,” Lanier said. “As a tow truck operator, she is prohibited from receiving money for towing from the properties that she manages.

“It’s improper to decide who gets towed and who doesn’t when you are the one getting paid for the towing.”

Lanier said the company has been removed from the city’s towing rotation and its certificate for non-consent towing has been revoked.

In other words, The Ville Towing won’t be hauling off your vehicle anytime soon.

The company could, however, strike again in other cities where its certificate for non-consent towing is still valid.

Lanier said it’s never the police department’s goal to make it difficult for business owners to operate in Stephenville.

“But they have to follow the laws which they operate under,” he said.

Skipworth was released from the Erath County Jail after posting a $500 bond.

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Sep 12, 2023

The cops worked with this womens business quiet a lot the last few months

They made it easy for her to make tons of money.

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