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Our first trip to the Bahamas didn’t disappoint; neither did the Atlantis resort.

My family cashed in on a Christmas present last week when we all flew into the Bahamas where we spent five glorious days enjoying sunshine, sandy beaches and poolside cocktails.

It was our first trip to the island country and it didn’t disappoint.

We stayed at the famed Atlantis resort and it was nothing short of spectacular.

If you are planning a summer getaway, think Bahamas.


The Atlantis is a sprawling resort with five different hotels.

We splurged with a stay at The Cove, which offers a quieter setting, room suites with spectacular views, upscale bars and restaurants, a kid-free pool and amazing spa.

If you are traveling with children, you’ll want to look into staying at The Royal, The Reef, The Coral or Harborside Resort, which offer more family-friendly amenities and plenty of fun things to do.

In fact, the resort has so much to offer that we never left.

Our days were spent taking long morning walks, lounging on the beach and enjoying poolside cocktails.

Of course, you can’t visit the Atlantis and not zoom down the famous water slides or cruise through the lazy rivers, and we did that too!

And if you enjoy a vibrant nightlife, you’ll want to head to the casino, go dancing or get tickets to the comedy club.

One of our favorite places on the resort was marina village, an area full of great shopping, dining and people-watching.

One night, we ordered a few pizzas and conch salads, bought a couple bottles of wine and enjoyed dinner under the stars.


If you enjoy visiting Cancun like we do, you should know that the Atlantis is different from the all-inclusive Mexican resorts you’re probably used to.

The Atlantis is not an all-inclusive stay; you’ll pay separately for meals and drinks, and while that will cost you more, the upside is that you get to enjoy top shelf cocktails, good wine and amazing meals.

The resort has no shortage of great restaurants; think Nobu and Fish by Jose Andres, as well as a slew of equally delicious casual dining places.

Pro tip: Make reservations ahead of time or there is a good chance you won’t get a table for dinner.

Ditto for the spa. I booked a girls’ day three weeks in advance, but when I tried to add another service during our stay, I was out of luck. The spa was completely booked.

The service throughout the resort is top-notch and the people are friendly and welcoming.

We came home from paradise with a nice tan, fully rested and a happy heart you can only get from five days of family togetherness.

If a trip to the Bahamas isn’t on your bucket list, it should be.


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