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Our children deserve a quality education, which is why I support Sonia Sandford for school board.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Sonia Sandford during the last few months. Please consider her for your vote in the upcoming school board election.

Sonia is highly qualified for a seat on the board. Her passion for students and teachers is a real one. Having been an educator she knows what works and what doesn’t.

Our children deserve a quality education. It all starts with a board of caring and informed members who will make sure every voice is heard and considered.

Read about Sonia and you will see that she will make an excellent choice for a seat on the SISD school board.

If you get the chance to meet and talk with her you will know instantly that she is a caring individual who will make sure the students of Stephenville get a fair and honest education and a chance to succeed after they graduate.

Sincerely, Donna Hendershot


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