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OPINION: Why we support Magan Estill for Stephenville ISD board of trustees.

We first met Magan Estill when she welcomed our oldest daughter into the Faith School family over 14 years ago.


I use the word family because she made sure our child was loved as her own.


She once again welcomed us into that family when our youngest daughter became a student there at the age of two. Our daughter Daylee has Down Syndrome and was not welcomed at every childcare facility we visited.


Magan happily accepted her and loved her, just as she did all the other children.

She was eager to learn more about Daylee and how having her included would not just benefit her learning, but also the learning of her typical peers.


Magan fostered inclusion, awareness and acceptance in a way we had never been shown. She truly believes in every child and is a fierce advocate for anyone who needs it. 


Magan continues to support any endeavors to better educate others on the importance of inclusion and awareness of anyone with different abilities. 


She loves this town, she loves the Lord, and she loves our children with a passion that betters our community.


The SISD will be a better place with her on the school board.


Please join us in voting for Magan Estill for the SISD School Board, Place 2 on May 4.



Trevor and Kate Powe

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