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Operation Boneyard: Group caring for seized animals is asking for donations.

Updated: Apr 9

Members of the Erath County Sheriff's Office help rescue the surviving animals during the seizure. Photo/Animal Investigation & Response Facebook


Calling it “Operation Boneyard,” the organization working to help place more than 100 animals seized from an Erath County property owner in March, is asking for donations to help cover expenses.


Monica Ailey-Welborn, president of Animal Investigation & Response, posted a message to the group’s Facebook page on Monday, pleading for help.


“There are no words for the things my team sees. There is no real way to prepare anyone for the way some animals are forced to live day in and day out,” the post states. “How they survive is beyond my comprehension.”


She goes on to say that the Erath County seizure is one of the worst she has ever seen.


“This particular case is up there in my top worst cases but on a whole different level of its very own,” she says. “I have never seen so many bones in my entire 50 years of life. Bones to me equals death and death was most certainly in the air as we removed animals from this property into safety.


“To say these animals are survivors is an understatement. They are warriors! To be seen as just inventory for income without any concern for the deplorable way they are being held captive to exist, is reprehensible.


“Our team continues to work hard around the clock to make sure they receive the care they need in preparation for transfer to our placement partners where they will have time to decompress, continue their medical care and receive all the TLC they ever dreamed of.”

The organization is seeking at least $20,000 to cover the cost of the response.


You can make a donation through the group’s Facebook page or by clicking here.


On Monday, a warrant was issued for Cheryl Barker who will be charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals and cruelty to livestock.



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