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Newton’s Saddlerack to celebrate Bastille Day with special menu on Thursday. (Think escargot!)

French chef Tony Bar and chef Mike Newton have been friends for years, and on Thursday, they will join forces to celebrate Bastille Day.

If you enjoy French cuisine, make reservations for dinner Thursday at Newton’s Saddlerack in downtown Stephenville where French chef Tony Bar and chef Mike Newton will dish up a special menu in honor of Bastille Day.

(Bastille Day is celebrated in France every July 14, marking the fall of the Bastille in 1789).

Thursday’s special menu will include escargot, beef bourguignon and Apple Tart Tatin (named after the French Tatin sisters who invented the dish) along with the restaurant’s regular menu.

This is not a ticketed event and the special dishes can be purchased individually.

“This is Chef Tony’s last stint with us for a while,” Melanie Newton told Beneath the Surface News. “He is heading back to France, then to Los Angeles to open a bakery.”

You can make a reservation for Thursday by clicking here.


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