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New therapy dog is ready to help SISD students cope with stress and anxiety.

Jack, short for "Yellow Jacket," is pictured with a student at SISD.

Kristin Cashon calls Anything’s Paws-ible Stephenville a “God thing.”

More than a year ago, Kristin began forming the non-profit organization that places trained therapy dogs on campuses in Stephenville ISD to help students deal with stress and anxiety.

Three weeks ago, Jack (short for “Yellow Jacket”) arrived in Stephenville and is set to begin working with students this week.

“We thought his name would give kids an instant connection and make him part of the school,” Kristin told Beneath the Surface News.

Jack is a Schnoodle, a mix between a Schnauzer and Poodle, that was chosen for its temperament and fact that he is hypo-allergenic.

“He was bred and trained in Alabama and has been with us in Stephenville for about three weeks,” she said. “He will help connect with kids with behavioral issues and stress. We want to cast a wide net and help the kids that have been affected by COVID. We want to reach the ones that might otherwise fly under the radar.”

Jack will make his first appearance at Hook Elementary on Friday where he will be kept in the library and computer lab during the day.

He will be on campus one day a week until he becomes comfortable with his environment, then more days will be added.

“He will be available for all campuses, but will be working mostly at Hook for now,” Kristin said. “If there is a need for a crisis intervention at one of the other campuses, the school counselor will let us know.”

Anything’s Paws-ible is planning another fundraiser soon to begin raising money for a second dog.

“We plan to buy a female and name her Honey for the Honeybees,” Kristin said.

You can learn more about Anything‘s Paws-ible by following them on Facebook.

If you are a parent who believes your child could benefit from interactions with Jack, contact your child’s school counselor.


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