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New pilot program partners city with homeowners to improve neighborhoods.

Special to BTS NEWS

The Stephenville City Council recently developed a Home Improvement Incentive Program to encourage redevelopment, enhance neighborhood vitality and improve curb appeal in the neighborhoods of our community.

The program is designed to assist homeowners that are considering updating their homes, but are overwhelmed by the costs incurred in taking those steps.

Through the pilot program, the council wants to partner in the reinvestment by offering rebates on renovation projects for qualifying projects.

Brandon Huckabee

As chairman of the Public Services Committee, councilman Brandon Huckabee worked diligently with his committee to develop the framework of the program.

“I am excited to get this program rolled out for our community,” Huckabee said. “The vision of this is for us to invest into our community in a way that helps our citizens and encourage investment into our community.

“We have some neighborhoods that are rich in tradition that are hitting the age that some of the houses need investment and this will allow us to continue making Stephenville a great and beautiful place to call home.”

Any Stephenville homeowner who is considering a renovation of $20,000 or more is eligible if they meet certain criteria.

The program provides the following incentives for approved projects:

1. A 5% rebate on qualifying home improvement costs incurred under approved projects. The maximum rebate is $5,000 per project.

2. A waiver of residential remodel building permit fees.

3. Up to two (2) roll-off containers charged at a discounted rate.

4. After completion of the project and a city inspection, the city will repair or replace sidewalks in public right-of-ways for participating properties based on the assessed condition of the existing sidewalk.

For more information contact Steve Killen, director of Development Services Department, at or call 254-918-2200.


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