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Need a summer binge watch? Tune into Netflix’s Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.

You can add me to the list of the millions who like to watch a good true crime drama.

And if it’s a short series, well, that’s even better.

Looking for something new to watch, The Daughter and her boyfriend suggested Netflix’s Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.

The four-part docuseries tells the strange story of Sarma Melngailis, a chef who opened a vegan restaurant in New York City.

The beautiful, but standoff-ish Melngailis, became a celebrated foodie with throngs of people jockeying for a table at the popular restaurant – Pure Food and Wine – until she got twisted up with the wrong man in 2011.

That’s when Melngailis met Anthony Strangis, aka Shane Fox, who turned out to be a super weird guy that led her down an even stranger path that made for popcorn-watching goodness.

The Husband and I binged all four episodes in one night. I mean it’s impossible to step away from a tale this fascinating.

With fame, fraud and fugitives, Bad Vegan has all the things you love in a true crime story. And this one even has the promise of making a dog immortal.

See what I mean? Riveting.


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