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Napa is more than good wine; it’s a foodie’s paradise. Imagine my surprise to see this on a menu.

If you’re a foodie who happens to enjoy a good glass of California wine, a trip to Napa should be on your to-do list.

It had been more than 15 years since The Husband and I had visited the famed Northern California city, until last week when we flew to Sacramento to attend a memorial service for a friend’s mom.

The trip turned into a mini high school reunion that included a jaunt to Napa where we toured a few wineries and ate our way through the city.

Napa is known for producing world-class wine, but what’s not as well-recognized is its amazing food scene that includes Michelin-starred restaurants like The French Laundry in Yountville. (We didn’t go in case you’re wondering.)

The good news is that you don’t have to do fancy to enjoy Napa Valley.

In fact, the area’s greatest food scene comes in the form of locally-sourced, farm-to-table restaurants that are casually hip and quintessentially California.


If the fear of Y2K had come to fruition, I’d likely be dead.

I was woefully unprepared for a world-wide shutdown by failing to stockpile water, ammunition and Spam.

And up until last week, I had never even tasted the salty processed pork.

The mere thought of putting a forkful of Spam into my mouth sent my gag reflexes into overdrive.

But an afternoon of consuming copious amounts of wine will make a person do things they normally wouldn’t – like placing an order for Spam fries – and, um, enjoying them.

We found the strange menu item at Wilfred’s Lounge, a cool tiki bar in the heart of downtown Napa.

And you guys, those Spam fries were delish.

I should note that The Husband wasn’t impressed and urged me not to write about it. Party pooper.

He is, however, a huge fan of Gott’s and insisted we eat there for lunch.

If you go, get the ahi burger, garlic fries and pineapple shake topped with caramel.

You will momentarily die and go to heaven. (But don’t worry, you’ll come back because there is wine to drink.)


Napa is a special place, and the beauty of the valley is showcased in one of the area’s top restaurants, Farmstead.

The restaurant sits on the Hall family’s Long Meadow Ranch, a popular place for weddings and other special occasions.

We sat on the patio for dinner, enjoying fresh, homestyle food on a warm, clear night that made us thankful for love, family and longtime friends.

If you’re planning a trip to Napa this summer, take time to research the varied restaurants because choosing the right ones is as important to the experience as the wineries.

(And you’ll need to make a reservation weeks ahead of time.)

Napa is full of people with a passion for life and sharing the fruits of their land.

Travel there with people you love, and whatever you do, skip counting the calories.


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