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My herb-growing abilities are in the tank. Any suggestions from those with a green thumb?

Any hope for these guys?

My dream of growing my own fresh herbs continues to elude me.

Every year I pot cilantro, basil and rosemary and every year they end up dead.

My thumbs are black.

In fact, my inability to grow anything green had me concerned about having children.

I’m lucky that turned out ok.

The Husband and I love to work in the yard together, but knowing my penchant for death and destruction, he won’t even let me water the flowers.

I’m the official weed-puller in our house.

Undeterred from my dream of growing fresh herbs, I decided to try again this year with a new game plan: I would keep the small pots in the kitchen, shielding them from the wind and too much sunlight.

And I would work hard to keep from drowning them.

The plan worked well for a few weeks. Those little guys looked strong, hearty.

I was happy.

Then one afternoon I thought a little sunlight would do them some good, so I put the pots on the back porch.

Then I forgot about them.

By the time The Husband came home from work and discovered the herbs wilting outside, they barely had a pulse.

Since then I’ve tried hard to revive them, but nada.

So, I’m taking suggestions.

I figure these guys are a lost cause, but if anyone knows how to grow a decent pot of cilantro, I’m listening.


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