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My grandma, what big eyes you have! Peepers are just what you need to see better and feel stylish.

Me and my new pink Peepers!

I never thought I’d turn into one of those women constantly fumbling around in my purse to find my cheaters, but here I am.

My eyesight is not so bueno these days and seems to be getting a little worse with each passing year. Without my glasses I can’t see texts, read a menu or anything else with small print for that matter.

I do have a strong pair of prescriptions, but I like to keep a stash of cheaters spread out to cover my bases: A pair in my car, purse, nightstand, kitchen, bathroom…you get the picture.

For years I wore the basics that can be purchased at just about any store, the ones that only come in black or silver and have zero character.

Then Peepers came into my life thanks to Oprah’s Favorite Things list.

Blue Flamingo carries a great line of Peepers that makes choosing just one pair virtually impossible.

I ordered my first pair of Peepers from the company’s website, then discovered that Blue Flamingo Studio in Stephenville carries them.

I ran into the boutique’s owner Shannon Cagle last weekend at Caam’s and she told me that a new shipment was coming in this week.

So I boogied over there on Monday and scoured all the latest designs in every color you can imagine: red, forest green, blue, purple (Hey, Tarleton fans!), yellow, black and clear.

I decided on a cute silver pair (with a strength of 2.75) to add to my collection.

At the cost of about $25 a pair, you can afford to buy one for every mood.

If your diminishing eyesight is making you feel more blue-hairish than bombshell, head to Blue Flamingo and get yourself a pair of Peepers and look good while eyeing the world through a clear lens.


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