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Meet Indie. After six days in her new home, my rescue baby is finally coming out of hiding.

Indie's first outing to the living room.

It’s been a tough six days for our newest family member.

Indie is a one-year-old female cat I adopted from the Erath County Humane Society last Monday.

I fell head over heels for Indie immediately upon receiving a text from ECHS executive director Serena Wright with her picture and description.

She arrived at the shelter in February as a stray; pretty, sweet and so timid that she barely ventured out of her litter box.

I knew right away that Indie belonged with me, so without a word to The Husband, I headed to the animal shelter to meet her.

Our first encounter was not what I had hoped for.

There was no sense of kismet or any of those love-at-first-sight vibes that are supposed to happen when you adopt a pet.

In fact, the moment Serena placed Indie in my arms, she fought like a tiger to get away. (And let me tell, those sharp claws left a mark.)

After signing the adoption papers, Indie officially became a Vanden Berge and we headed home, where she promptly ran to a bathroom and hid behind the toilet.

The next few days were rough.

She barely ate and only left the bathroom to dart to our bedroom and hide under the comforter when she thought no one was looking.

Indie feels safe only when she is under a blanket.

The harder we tried to coax her into spending time with us, the more she fought, so we left her completely alone.

We placed her bed, litter box and food in the bathroom then gave her the time and space she needs to adjust to her new surroundings.

It’s finally beginning to work.

Last night, Indie hopped in our bed and slept right between us, and today, she finally made it to the living room where she is currently hiding under a blanket.

Baby steps.

I’m hopeful Indie will one day fall in love with her new home and stop trying to claw our eyes out when we try to hold her, but until that time comes, we are going to be patient and loving to this sweet little girl we are so happy to have.


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