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Lonn Reisman to join the Stephenville City Council in November.

Lonn Reisman

Lonn Reisman will soon become the newest member of the Stephenville City Council.

Reisman will sit at place 3, recently vacated by Daron Trussell who resigned from the council to become the new director of the city’s Parks and Leisure Services.

Reisman was the only candidate to file for the vacancy and will be sworn into office in November.

In a previous interview with Beneath the Surface News, Reisman said, “I love Stephenville. It’s a really special place full of tradition and family ideals, which is why I have stayed all these years.”

As Tarleton State University's former head basketball coach and current vice president and athletic director, Reisman is one of the most recognizable names in the area.

“Stephenville is already going in the right direction and I want to do my part to keep this community moving forward and being prosperous,” he said.


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