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Local businesses serving meals to law enforcement, first responders


Stetson Posas, Brandon Sommerfeld and Daniel Toof

Legends Country Club is one of the many local businesses that have felt the financial pinch of the coronavirus quarantine.

After being forced to shut down the golf course and restaurant’s dining room, their waitstaff and bartenders have found themselves largely out of work.

“Since shutting down the dining room at Legends, our food sales have really taken a hit,” said Brandon Sommerfeld, Legends operations consultant. “Some of our members have noticed and are trying to support us by ordering food to go.”

But one member, Sommerfeld said, took it a step further and planted an idea that would spread goodwill across an industry that is suffering.

Daniel Toof, owner of Quality Floors, called Sommerfeld to say he wanted to make a donation. “(Toof) wanted us to cook and then give those meals away to people who could use them,” Sommerfeld said. “I immediately thought about the people who work in the service industry here – the waitstaff, bartenders, bouncers and musicians who have really been affected by what’s happening.”

So last Sunday, Sommerfeld and Legends chef Thomas Napp whipped up a big batch of Cajun chicken pasta and garlic bread and fed about 20 folks.


Legends is now partnering with Stetson Posas with Howdy Enterprises to feed local law enforcement and first responders on Sunday.

“It’s a way for us to say thank you. We aren’t sure what we will be cooking yet; a lot of that depends on what we can get at the grocery store,” Sommerfeld said. “But it’s going to be something good.”

The plan is to start serving about 5 p.m. Sunday.

“All they have to do is show up. We will keep serving until we run out of food,” Sommerfeld said. “Money is tight right now, but businesses still want to help.

“This makes me super proud to be a ‘Villian.’”

Police, first responders and other law enforcement personnel can call 254-968-2200 to reserve a plate.


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