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Legacy Estate Long Term Care is now open in Comanche and taking new residents.

Updated: 5 days ago


Legacy Estate Long Term Care, a new nursing home in Comanche, is dedicated to providing exceptional care and a vibrant community for its residents.

The facility is now admitting new residents.


"Legacy Estate Long Term Care was born out of a vision to create a place where seniors can thrive, not just survive,” said Dr. Larry Troxell, CEO of CCMC Health System.

“We envision a community where every resident feels cherished, where their unique needs are met with empathy and expertise and where they can continue to lead fulfilling lives."


Legacy is designed to foster a vibrant and supportive community where residents can form lasting friendships, engage in meaningful activities and find a sense of belonging.


Its modern facility ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere, meeting the highest standards of safety and accessibility.


There are activities and programs designed to stimulate physical, mental and social well-being. From arts and crafts to fitness classes, there's something for everyone to enjoy.


Legacy offers delicious and nutritious meals, tailored to dietary needs and preferences. Its dining area encourages social interaction, making every mealtime a pleasurable experience.


The facility also features beautifully landscaped outdoor areas where residents can enjoy fresh air, engage in recreational activities or relax in a serene environment.


"At Legacy Estate Long Term Care, we believe that every chapter of life should be filled with comfort, care, and community,” said administrator Nikki Stark. “Our mission is to provide residents with a place where they can thrive, surrounded by compassionate support and enriching experiences."


Click here for more information or to schedule a tour.





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