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Kiddo who dressed up as the ‘trash man’ gets visit from the real deal.

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Oh my gosh! Mason is the CUTEST!

Young Mason Gibson loves to watch Waste Connections drive by to pick up the trash every week, so when Halloween rolled around, the three-year-old dressed up as an employee.

Reader Laura Coker told me about Mason and said she learned about his affinity for trash collection from his grandmother, Gaye Gibson.

“I work with his grandmother and she told me that Mason waits for them and talks to them every week,” Laura said.

Cheers to these hardworking guys who made this child's day.

He went to the square during Safe Trick ‘R Treat dressed as an actual trash man and this week, Waste Connections stopped by to present him with stickers and a safety vest.

How’s that for a fun little story?


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