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Judge rules that shooting suspect can be released on bond under strict conditions.

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Ronald Oddo

Ronald Oddo, the 75-year-old suspect accused of shooting a man working on a water softener at his home in June, was back in court Tuesday for a bond hearing.

District Court Judge Jason Cashon ruled that Oddo could be released on bail while his case is pending.

If Oddo is able to make the $75,000 bond, he will have to adhere to strict conditions prohibiting him from accessing or possessing a firearm and restrictions on his communications and whereabouts.

Oddo is accused of shooting Jeff Collins, owner of AA Water Systems, once in the stomach during a dispute at his Erath County home.

Collins survived the gunshot wound, but is still recovering.

After Tuesday’s bond hearing, Jeff Collins’ wife, Amanda Collins, issued a statement to Beneath the Surface News.

“I am speechless,” she said. “I am terrified for my family and the citizens of Erath County.”

Meanwhile, Oddo’s wife has reportedly filed for divorce.


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