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‘Jingles’ arrives cold, hungry on Christmas Eve. We want to reunite this sweet cat with her family.

Jingles is being loved on, but needs her real family.

We had an unexpected guest on Christmas Eve.

As our family was enjoying dinner, a fluffy gray cat stood outside peering through the twinkling glass doors on our back patio.

She was friendly and clearly domesticated and our young niece and nephew squealed in delight when we let her inside to get warm.

It was reminiscent of a Christmas Eve many years ago, when, on a cold and snowy night, a stray dog showed up on our front doorstep.

She was mangy, emaciated and had a broken leg. We brought her inside, gave her a slice of prime rib and nursed her back to health. We named her Noel.

She became part of our family and was one of the best Christmas gifts we’ve ever received.

Fast forward to this year’s arrival of ‘Jingles’ who seems to be in perfect health and clearly loved by someone.

We have fed and cared for her and given her a warm place to sleep, but we are sure her real family misses her.

If you know who she belongs to, send me a message. We would love nothing more than to reunite Jingles with her family.

(Jingles has a unique feature you will have to describe before we give her to anyone. That’s the only way we can guarantee that she belongs to you.)


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