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In open letter, Dr. Doggett urges officials to ‘make us wear masks.’

Dr. Kelly Doggett

Dear Judge Campos and Mayor Svien:

Gentleman, as you are aware, we are in the midst of what Gov. Greg Abbott describes as “a massive outbreak” of Covid-19 and new local restrictions may be necessary.

Cryptic, uninformative, and I believe an effort to buy time.

He is urging people to stay home, but stopping well short of another stay-at-home order, which he says is a last option.

One thing that he has done recently, is to grant Mayors and County Judges with authority to place restrictions on outdoor gatherings with over 100 people present.

Vague and open to interpretation, but I believe this would give either one of you authority to order wearing of masks during our planned July 4th festivities, if indeed, we proceed with them.

As we have learned from history, having a parade during pandemic can have disastrous results and endanger the public health.

I believe the planned Fourth of July festivities constitute an imminent threat to the public health.

We have seen the local results over the last couple of weeks of ignoring CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and wearing of masks. It’s hard to imagine that any reasonable person believes that behavior will change, that people will maintain social distancing, wear mask, and not shake hands, use hand sanitizer, wash their hands and so forth at the impending parade and festivities.

I have been contacted by the Texas Department of State Health Services with concerns about our recent rise in cases compared to the rest of the state.

I have been asked what is going on in Stephenville and Erath County. This is not a normal time in our life. This is not a normal situation.

In fact, it is worse now than when you originally acted with disaster declarations.

We need leadership. We need protection. Guide us. Lead by example. Wear masks at your meetings and offices and make those meeting with you as well.

Make us wear masks. At least in businesses and at the Fourth of July celebration.

Let’s not wait until it’s too late.


Kelly S. Doggett MD, FAAFP


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