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If you’re a carb watcher like I am, you are going to love these fun-size tortillas.

I tried the whole going-keto thing about five years ago and lasted about a month before my inner rage became more than I could handle.

Eliminating carbs from my diet sent me spiraling into an angry person; I just can’t give up pasta, tortilla chips and potatoes for the rest of my life.

But…as someone who has to watch my diet pretty closely to maintain a healthy weight, I have learned to limit my carb intake, focusing on a diet that’s high in protein, fresh veggies and an occasional cheat day that almost always arrives on the weekends.

Sometimes a girl just needs a tortilla for her mental health, which is why I got so excited when I found these cute little fun-size packages in Walmart last Friday.

With only 25 calories, zero sugar and 7g of carbs per mini, I scooped up a package of chipotle and original and danced my way home.

After an exhausting morning of house cleaning today, I whipped out a package to try them for lunch.

I spread a little sriracha on the bottom, topped it with thinly-sliced turkey, 1/3 slice of cheddar cheese and a few pepperoncinis, then popped it in the microwave to make it all melty.

And wow!

These little guys are my new favorite thing. The Husband loves them too!

They are small, but big enough to fill with your favorite protein, cheese or vegetables and thin enough to fold like a taco and hold in your hand.

I’ll be keeping these in stock at the Vanden Berge casa.

Give them a try and let me know what you think. (And if you have any ideas on ways to prepare them, feel free to share!)


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