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If you like a little heat, your Taco Tuesdays should include Garlicky Greengo.

I like chips and salsa. A lot. It’s why you will often see us dining at local Mexican restaurants and probably why I start a new diet every Monday.

I am picky, though, about the salsa I like. It can’t be watery, mild or too tomato-y.

I like a lot of spice, a little heat and just the right thickness that it won’t slide off the chip.

Enter Garlicky Greengo made by Hot Line Pepper Products.

I purchased this a few months ago from Thompson’s Custom Meats and Processing in Dublin, and sadly, I stored it in my pantry and forgot about it.

But after making a big crockpot of chicken tacos on Friday, I went searching for a little salsa and found this jar of deliciousness winking at me from behind the peanut butter.

Believe me when I tell you that this stuff is great.

Tashli Wilson with Thompson’s told me that Hot Line Pepper Products is Texas-made in Spring.

Other flavors include Hatchanero, Evil Ooze, Ghost Pepper and Scorching Scorpion (which is rumored to be really hot)!

If you’re looking to spice up your chips and salsa combo, head to Thompson’s and grab a bottle or three.

But keep a glass of water close by!


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