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I love going to Newton’s Cellar for dinner, but lunch is equally delicious.

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

The Husband and I love getting a little dressed up and having dinner at Newton’s Cellar in downtown Stephenville.

Every week, we scour the latest menu selections on the restaurant’s Facebook page and often plan our weekend around when we can get there.

We have never had a dish prepared by Chef Mike Newton that wasn’t amazing.

But did you know that lunch is equally fantastic?

My girlfriends and I try to get together every Friday for a wine lunch.

And last week we landed at Newton’s where I tried one of his newest dishes – orzo pasta and Caprese relish topped with a perfectly baked piece of salmon.

And yes, it was as delicious as it looks.

My girlfriends all opted for the carnitas tacos. (Another menu item that comes highly-recommended!)

One of the things we love most about Newton’s is that it’s BYOB. We always bring our favorite bottle of wine and settle in for a beautiful meal and good conversation.

And here’s the best part: You won’t be rushed.

If you are in need of a lingering wine lunch with your girl gang, head to Newton’s where a mid-day meal is served every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

(The restaurant is open for dinner those nights and Saturday too!)

And don’t forget to order the salmon.


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