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I just finished this little treasure that’s full of entertaining advice from a beauty expert.

Pretty Good Advice for People Who Dream Big and Work Harder written by Leslie Blodgett is one of those easy-to-read books that offer common sense advice you never thought you needed.

I discovered the book on a recent trip with friends. One of my girlfriends was reading it and I flipped through a few pages, which was enough to convince me to place an order on Amazon (hardcover $11.59).

It arrived a few days later and I whipped through it quickly.

Blodgett is the creator and CEO of bareMinerals, a $1.8 billion company that peddles beauty. If you’re a woman who loves makeup, you know.

“Advice is tricky,” she writes. “Giving it can come off a little high-handed, especially when you’re offering it up to people you don’t know….

“Since I never give advice to strangers, I’m going to pretend that we’re good friends. And since we’re good friends, I know you are only going to take what you need and skip the boring parts.”

The thing is, there are no boring parts. Blodgett’s entertaining style of writing will keep you flipping the pages late into the night, leaving you with a peaceful, kick-a** feeling.

By the time I finished all 237 pages, I decided Blodgett and I could be friends.

As someone who tends to sweat the small stuff, and hasn’t been able to completely break the habit even at 53, I love reading about how others traverse the trials of life.

I have so many questions: What’s the healthiest way to deal with self-doubt? How do I force myself to take professional risks? How do I open myself up to public criticism and not lose sleep over it?

How do I grow old gracefully?

And while Blodgett doesn’t answer all of that directly, she touches on a wide-range of similar situations anecdotally.

“Wielding a mascara wand is like sword fighting: You want to stay on target or you will get poked. And be sure to replace your tube before you get the uni-lash. (That’s when the formula is so old it glues your eyelashes together.)”

There’s a section for moms and girlfriends and she even shares her favorite recipe she calls, “Look Fab in Leggings Breakfast.”

(And yes, I now eat this every morning because I, too, want to look fab in leggings. I have no idea if it’s working though.”)

I have ordered two additional copies of the book that Santa will be giving my girls for Christmas.

Meanwhile, order a copy of this little treasure for yourself.

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Alice Larson
Alice Larson
Nov 15, 2023

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