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I hate when I become obsessed with things like Wine Chips. But here I am...

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

My first bowl of Blue Cheese Wine Chips was nothing short of perfect.


The Husband and I popped into our favorite local hangout Wednesday, and while we were there, tried Hearsay Wine Bar’s newest addition to its menu – Wine Chips.

Wine Chips are $9 per can and worth every penny.

I have been dying to try them since Lisa Pendleton (that’s the owner) told me she would begin selling them, so we purchased a can of Blue Cheese and was transported straight to a snack-lovers paradise.

Each flavor is designed to be paired with a certain wine.

The company suggests pairing its Smoked Gouda with Cabernet Sauvignon; Manchego with Rose and Blue Cheese with Sauvignon Blanc.

(But I devoured the Blue Cheese with Chardonnay because I am a rebel like that.)

And now I am obsessed.

The next time you enjoy a nice glass of wine at Hearsay Wine Bar, purchase a can of this bold, crunchy deliciousness and your day will be made.

And you will become obsessed too.


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