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I did a month-long experiment with this neck cream. Here are the before and after pics.

The first time I ever heard of “Let’s Neck,” a cream made by Womaness, was on a humorous video I saw from The Ellen Show.

I was intrigued, but it was soon forgotten with the flood of other beauty products crowding my social media feeds.

When the video popped up again in July, I bit.

I ordered a tube for $24.99 from Amazon Prime and it arrived on my doorstep a couple days later.

My skepticism about the product was rearing its ugly head and I didn’t have a lot of faith that it would work, so I decided to make it a “before and after” experiment.

If it didn’t improve my wrinkles and crepey skin like it promised, I figured I’d at least get a good story out of it.

While standing in the bathroom in my morning walking clothes, I took a rather unflattering photo of myself and rolled on the cream for the first time. It was July 22.

(Keep scrolling for the pics.)

Before I reveal the findings, let me share my thoughts on the cream; it’s light not heavy, which is what I expected for the price point, and has a faint scent that won’t mess with your perfume.

The cream is a roll-on and has a cooling effect that I love.

I rolled it on my neck and decolletage every day, morning and night, for an entire month.

And here are the results…

These photos were taken first thing in the morning with nothing on my skin (no cream, no makeup).

As you can see, there was some pretty significant improvement to a deep line across the bottom of my neck (and the line above is completely gone).

The improvements in my skin’s appearance caught me off guard when I compared the photos and I'm pretty thrilled.

After a 30-day use, there is still plenty of cream inside the bottle, but when it runs out, you better believe I’ll buy it again.

Let’s Neck is more than just a clever name. This product really works.


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