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Help your hair beat the summer heat with these 5 tips from local stylist Maddi Robbins.

I don’t have to tell you how hot it gets in Texas during the summer.

And with the heat comes exposure to the sun, salt and chlorine, all of which can ravage your hair.

Maddi Robbins, a stylist at Evolutions in Stephenville, is my go-to for hair and makeup.

During a recent and much-needed overhaul to the top of my head, Maddi shared her top tips for keeping your locks looking as hot as the Texas sun.


1. Use claw clips: These clips are great for keeping tension off the hair and preventing breakage. They come in all sorts of pretty colors and they are way cuter than a ponytail.

2. Sunscreen: You already know that you should be lathering up with sunscreen, but what’s often overlooked is adding it to the part at the top of your head.

“The sun hits the top of your head the most and it can cause dandruff, which is something I see in a lot of my clients this time of year,” Maddi said.

3. Apply oil: This will keep your ends nice and healthy (and it works for extensions too.) Olaplex or Moroccanoil are two of her faves.

4. Wash out chlorine, saltwater: After a day by the pool or beach, be sure to wash out all of the chorine or salt from your hair. Leaving it in will dry it out and can even alter hair color.

A clarifying shampoo is a handy way to get the job done. (It also helps when those strands turn green.)

And go heavy on the conditioner.

5. Protective hair styles: When you’re in the water or on a boat, keep hair from becoming a tangled mess by putting it in a protective style like braids.

You’ll get the added bonus of looking cute!


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