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Health officials wait on results of 100 more coronavirus tests; still only 1 local positive

Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos (left) and Dr. Ben Marcum.


If there is any good news in this coronavirus quarantine, it may be that only one Erath County resident has so far tested positive.

But that could change any minute, health officials say.

Dr. Ben Marcum with Stephenville Medical and Surgical Clinic said the clinic is doing the majority of local testing for COVID-19 and that they are waiting on about 100 results.

“So far there is only one positive,” he said. “But we are still waiting on results from last week.”

Most of the patients who have been tested are showing symptoms of a cough, fever, difficulty breathing and pain with breathing (like in pneumonia), Marcum said.

BTS News will update this story as more developments emerge.


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