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Head to Hico’s Po Campo for a helping of ribs, smoked mac and cheese and Lonesome Dove.


Some friends of ours opened a BBQ restaurant in Hico, Texas a couple of years ago and moved into their new dine-in restaurant last year.

Brent and Breanna Morrow are the owners. My wife Ashley and Bree went to school together in Hico and I've also become friends with them.

After Brent got tired of spending time away from his family while working in the oilfield he decided to open Po Campo.

And it’s been a hit!

Every meat he serves is incredible, especially the brisket. I don't normally like ribs, but I love the ones he cooks. They fall off the bone and have great flavor.

He also serves smoked turkey and pulled pork, and the smoked mac and cheese is my favorite side, with the beans running a close second.

Their rolls are homemade and anything not homemade is bought locally.

Head to Hico and grab yourself a plate of some of the best BBQ you will ever have

Fun Fact: If you're a fan of Lonesome Dove, they start it at 11 a.m. and play it all day.


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