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Frames Etc ‘now serving’ these cute platters for your summer entertaining.

My friend Christi likes to entertain.

And when I say ‘entertain’ I mean she loves to get together with friends for cocktails and dinner.

So when her birthday rolled around this month, I asked Julie Lowrance, owner of Frames Etc, for present ideas for my party-loving friend.

Julie suggested a new Mud Pie platter Frames Etc had just gotten in for summer.

A trip to the downtown Stephenville retailer last week was full of new surprises.

The platter was perfect (and so cute I plan to get one for myself).

I added a package of cocktail napkins that say, “Here drinky, drinky” and dish towel that says, “Eat up b******.”

She loved it!

Frames Etc also carries birthday cards and offers complimentary gift bags, making shopping for presents a cinch.


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