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For delicious smelling laundry, you need Tyler Glamorous Wash. It will make you feel fancy.

Like you, I don’t love doing laundry. In fact, it’s one of my least favorite chores.

But at night I do love slipping into comfy sheets that smell exceptionally good.

It’s laundry detergent for those who like to feel fancy. And who doesn’t like fancy?

Glamorous Wash isn’t a new product, but it is new to me.

I discovered it by accident when I walked into my friend Stephanie’s house and inhaled the fresh scent of what I thought was a candle.

Turns out, it was her laundry detergent.

It was Sheets Day in the McKethan household, and Stephanie had washed them in Glamorous Wash (she uses High-Maintenance) and her entire house smelled amazing.

I headed straight to Frames Etc. in Stephenville the next day and picked up a bottle of Diva.

I came home, stripped the sheets and poured in 1/3 cup of the heavenly soap that has made going to bed every night a special occasion.

Even The Husband is impressed.

Glamorous Wash isn’t cheap. It’s fairly costly, which is why I only use it for sheets and throws.

The Tyler Company also sells candles with matching scents. (I got one for my bedroom and light it every night while I read.)

Pure heaven.

The Home Place at Ace also sells the detergent and candles.

So if you decide to splurge on these amazing products, make sure you purchase locally.


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