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Erath County officials say COVID numbers are rising, including hospitalizations and deaths.

Erath County officials on Tuesday reported 27 new cases of COVID-19 across the area, bringing the number of known active cases to 56.

Of those active cases, 23 are in Stephenville, two in Dublin and 31 in the county.

There is one local hospitalization.

“It has been over a week since Thanksgiving and our numbers went back up on cases including hospitalizations and deaths,” emergency management coordinator Cyndi Smith wrote in an email. “Please do your part to reduce the spread of COVID.”

Officials are encouraging residents to get back to basics by washing hands with soap and water, using hand sanitizer and staying at home when you are not feeling well.

“If you are not vaccinated or need a booster, please do so or talk to your medical advisor for directions,” Smith wrote. “Vaccinations and boosters are free and available at most pharmacies.

“Vaccines take about two weeks to be fully effective. Get yours now to be ready for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations."


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