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Enjoy a wine lunch on a Fort Worth patio with big yellow umbrellas. And get the ahi tuna salad.

This ahi tuna salad at Doc B's will send you straight to heaven.

Picture this: You’re sitting at a patio table with friends, large yellow umbrellas overhead shield you from direct sunlight. You nibble on an ahi tuna or brussel sprouts salad while sipping a crisp glass of Frank Family chardonnay.

You’re giddy because you know when lunch is over, you will step outside and into some of the best shopping Fort Worth has to offer.

That’s the scene I enjoyed early this week when I traveled to Fort Worth with a couple of girlfriends for our monthly Costco run.

We always turn the day into more than just shopping for jumbo rolls of paper towels. We leave Stephenville early enough to squeeze in a little shopping (for girly stuff) and enjoy a leisurely wine lunch at our favorite restaurant – Doc B’s.

Located at The Shops at Clearfork, Doc B’s is a cool, casual place that serves lunch and dinner.

Its seasonal dishes like tomato bisque soup are to-die for, but it’s the salads that keep us going back.

Think shaved brussel sprouts and kale topped with almonds, parmigiano reggiano and basil vinaigrette (don’t forget to add grilled chicken) or ahi tuna with citrus ponzu and carrot ginger dressing.

Both dishes will send you straight to heaven.

If salads aren’t your thing, the wok-out bowls are amazing, and be sure to start with an order of the housemade guacamole and sweet potato chips.

Doc B’s also serves one of the best dirty martinis you will ever get your hands on. (And if you get a great bartender, he will replace your drink with a freshly-chilled glass.)

The next time life calls for a short escape to Fort Worth, give Doc B’s a try. Go on a sunny day to enjoy the patio, and don’t forget your girlfriends.

If you’re a chardonnay fan like I am, get a glass by the Frank Family label. It’s the best.

Pro tip: Hearsay Wine Bar now sells Frank Family Vineyards by the bottle or glass. You need to try it.


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