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Dr. Adams and Hamilton General Hospital helped The Husband breeze through today’s ‘procedure.’

The Husband has reached that magic age when a colonoscopy is in order.

So a few weeks ago we paid a visit to Dr. Ryan Adams, a general surgeon from Hamilton who meets with patients in Stephenville every Wednesday at Stephenville Medical and Surgical Clinic.

I met Dr. Adams when I interviewed him several months ago and liked him right away. The Husband liked him as well so we scheduled an appointment with him for a colonoscopy in Stephenville.

But a last-minute insurance snafu five days before the procedure was to take place had us scrambling to find a different hospital.

Dr. Adams’ staff and the team at Hamilton General Hospital saved the day; quickly canceling the first appointment, rescheduling The Husband for the same week and making sure that all of his pre-procedure tests were transferred over.

We never had to make a single phone call.

Then our experience got even better.

The Husband and I showed up at Hamilton General Hospital at 7 a.m. this morning. After a long day of fasting and “cleansing” yesterday, The Husband wasn’t feeling his best.

So I was relieved when we were greeted by a friendly admissions clerk who zoomed through the paperwork and ushered us back to day surgery (making sure I got a cup of coffee first).

We were immediately greeted by his nurses who made sure The Husband was comfortable, had a quick visit from Dr. Adams and the anesthesiologist and then he was wheeled back to surgery a few minutes ahead of schedule.

An hour later, The Husband was in recovery, then treated to a bacon sandwich that I think may have been the best thing he ever tasted. (He was starving.)

We had initially been told that we could expect to be discharged from the hospital about 10 a.m., so I figured we would be lucky to get out of there by noon.

But guess what? The Husband and I were in the car and heading back to Stephenville at 9:59.

He is now resting comfortably at home and enjoying the good news that no problems were detected during the screening.

If you think you have to travel to a big city hospital to receive quality healthcare, think again.

We will be heading back to Hamilton General Hospital and Dr. Adams for my screening in the coming weeks.

If you’re due for a colonoscopy, give Dr. Adams a call at 254-386-1524.

His bedside manner is impeccable and we cannot say enough nice things about the team of Hamilton Healthcare System, where efficiency and friendliness are the name of the game.


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