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Don’t let the name of this Dallas restaurant fool you. And if you go, get the voodoo sauce.

The best thing about having a daughter who lives in Dallas is getting the chance to explore the city together.

I spent the past couple of days with her and one of the restaurants we tried is called Neighborhood Services.

A restaurant this great should have a fancier name, not one that conjures up images of a service counter dishing up simple sandwiches.

Because you won’t find a single ham sammy at this gem.

What you will find is a cool menu that offers up seasonal fare like a “summertime” mini pizza topped with burrata, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, evoo and sea salt.

(We didn’t try it, but it looked amazing. Maybe next time!)

There’s also a raw bar (think tuna, oysters, Hamachi crudo, crab and oysters), steaks, seared scallops and vegetable enchiladas.

The Daughter opted for fettuccine with shrimp and I had the London broil because our waiter told me that the voodoo sauce was delicious enough to raise the dead.

And it was.

There is more than one Neighborhood Services in the Dallas area. We dined at the newest location on Oak Lawn.

The restaurant boasts an upscale bar and grill vibe that feels really nice without being pretentious.

We dressed up (I wore a faux leather jumpsuit and The Daughter wore an adorable dress and heels) and we blended right in.

If you go, make time to enjoy a drink at the bar where you will find trendy cocktails like the Salty Mousse, the Last Samarui, the Danny Trejo and the Tennessee Stud.

Dallas is a mecca for foodies and I fear this is one restaurant that will be easily overlooked because of its simple name, but there is nothing simple about this place.

The next time you’re in Dallas, give it a try, and order something that comes with the voodoo sauce.


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