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Doctor says steady number of new COVID cases shows surge isn’t over.

Dr. Kelly Doggett

While other parts of the state like Dallas County are reporting that new cases of COVID-19 may be slowing down, Dr. Kelly Doggett said that might not be the case in Erath County.

Doggett, Stephenville’s health authority, said there were nine new cases on Monday.

“The numbers may be a little misleading as one local clinic is averaging around 3 to 4 positives per day, but they don’t report as to whether they are city, county or out of county,” Doggett told Beneath the Surface News. “So, we don’t include those in our totals. We can’t because don’t have enough information.

“We could easily have another 40 to 50 cases on our rolls and are steadily grinding out consistent numbers.”

Dr. Doggett said a recent study released by Harvard University uses a new metric to assess how the pandemic is going by area.

“Using that formula it appears Erath County is in the midst of an outbreak or at least on the verge of one,” he said. “This is not over.”

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Donald McGahan
Donald McGahan
Aug 05, 2020

If health care professionals are NOT reporting residency location—or geographic context of the individuals—returning a positive COVID-19 test result, does that behavior not contribute to suppressing the effort to be informed? How can informed decisions proceed sans the geographic information? Seems contact tracing is mute without facts. To not ask and/or report positive test results attached to a geographic context is a threat to MY pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Now 3-4 a day. When college students return will there be 10, 20, 30, or a 100 a day without geographic attached data? How can employers in the community make informed decisions with that kind of data set? The bigger question might be, what are the steps required to…

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