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DIY floral ice block makes vibrant frozen koozie for your champagne. Here’s how to make it.

With the sweltering summer heat, it’s become increasingly hard to stay cool. Luckily, we have just the party trick to keep you cool in more ways than one!

Introducing the floral ice block: a vibrant, frozen koozie for your champagne and other beverages.

My dear friend Abby tried her rendition of this Pinterest hack for a grande party during these summer flares, and we fell in love with the results!

What you’ll need:

- Florals in your favorite color scheme

- $1 trash bin from Dollar Tree

- 1 liter soda

- A weight for the liter of soda (you’ll see why)

- A towel

- A freezer (and room inside)

- 3 days of your time

- A bottle of bubbly!

To create your beautiful ice cube, first you’ll need to fill your bin with water about 2-3 inches thick. You don’t need to add florals to this part unless you’re a perfectionist like me and want color even on the bottom!

Then stick it in your freezer standing level for a day until completely frozen. (So easy, right?!)

Next, bring your bin out and place your liter of soda in the center of the bin.

You may need to cut your liter down to fit in the freezer. If this happens, you can put a weight in your liter to keep it from moving around/floating when we add water in the next step.

If you don’t cut it down, make sure to empty a little soda out so it doesn’t explode. We want pretty ice, not pretty Mountain Dew missiles!

Then add water and your cut florals around the liter to your desired height. You’ll need a bit of florals to really pack it in there without having holes or bunched up petals.

Once this step is done, back in the freezer your masterpiece goes until fully frozen. (STOP! Why is this so easy?!?!)

BIPPITY BOOP, it’s finished!

Display your precious little petal block with a towel around the bottom for melting cleanup and a crisp beveragino ready to pour.

As always, you can get some cut florals from PinaTaylotta Petals in Bluff Dale for your floral ice block.

To win a free bouquet of flowers, post a photo of you trying this easy summer hack and tag @PinaTaylottaPetals on Instagram or Facebook and the Crumb on Facebook.

We can’t wait to see what you create!


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