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‘Creep it real’ at Frames Etc where Halloween and fall have exploded with festive fun.

It’s out with the old and in with the new at the Vanden Berge casa.

For us (as in me), the beginning of September marks the official start of fall.

All things summer have been packed away, replaced with candles that smell like pumpkin and apple tarts.

I mean, I only have about eight weeks to enjoy fall, which officially ends in my life on Oct. 31 to make room for Christmas, which begins on Nov. 1 (and not a day later).

Stop rolling your eyes. I can’t help it.

So imagine the joy I felt on Monday when I walked into Frames Etc and discovered that it had literally exploded with Halloween and Thanksgiving décor.

Think cute candy dishes that say, “Creep it real,” hilarious socks, T-shirts and dishtowels with clever sayings like “You say witch like it’s a bad thing” and “If you got it haunt it.”

Even the Candy Club got in on the action, offering festive jars of Pickin’ Pumpkins, Spooky Spiders, Missing Body Parts and Candy Corn Puffs.

See what I mean? FUN!

And if Thanksgiving is your jam, there’s an entire wall devoted to fall-inspired cookware and serving pieces, pillows and puzzles.

Owner Julie Lowrance is as excited about the change of season and new merchandise as much as I am.

“We have spent the past week working to get the store ready,” Julie told Beneath the Surface News. “I love this time of year!”

Frames Etc also carries an array of gifts that reflect our love for the City of Champions with coffee mugs, hand towels and signs touting the 254.

And if curling up with a good book is on your fall to-do list, Frames Etc has you covered there too with over 15,000 books for sale.

I mean, seriously. Shopping just doesn’t get any better.

You should go.


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