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Company that makes America's No. 1 brand of pet odor eliminators is opening a plant in Stephenville.

Some stories stink.

This one does not.

In fact, this story is the opposite of smelly because it’s about a company that’s bringing its own brand of freshness to Stephenville.

You might recall back in 2020 that I wrote a story about Clean Control Corporation, a $100 million Georgia-based company that makes popular cleaning products like OdoBan, opening a manufacturing plant in Stephenville.

Well, COVID slowed down the process, but it’s picking back up, and now Clean Control is set to open at the former Rayloc building by the end of this year.

Keith Davison, who is overseeing the opening of the Stephenville location, told Beneath the Surface News that the new facility will produce multiple products from five of Clean Control’s lines including its Air Purifying Charcoal Odor Eliminator, OdoRocks and carpet powder.

Machinery is being installed inside the plant, and as soon as that’s complete, Keith said the company will begin the hiring process.

Clean Control’s products are sold at national retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Amazon.

Oh, and here’s something else: OdoBan was voted by Newsweek as America’s No. 1 brand for eliminating pet odors! How cool is that?

Jeff Sandford, president of the Stephenville Economic Development Authority, said he is thrilled the company is coming to the area.

“I have seen first-hand Clean Control’s commitment to industry-leading practices, as well as its commitment to their hard-working team of employees. I believe this will be a tremendous addition to the booming industry sector of Stephenville and Erath County,” Sandford said.



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