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College sweethearts make Easter Heat & Air a family-centered business.



Chris and Sheila Williams have owned Easter Heat & Air for six years.

The couple moved to Stephenville in 2007 from Ruidoso, New Mexico where they owned a wholesale pipe and supply company.

“We sold our business and moved to Stephenville so our boys could rodeo for Bob Doty,” Sheila said. “Our whole family followed us out here including my mom and dad and grandma.”

Chris and Sheila Williams

That family togetherness continues at Easter Heat & Air where Sheila and Chris work side by side.

(They are college sweethearts and celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary on Monday!)

Their oldest son Chad is involved with the family business and their son Chase and his wife Ashleigh still rodeo and help out when they can.

The company’s Facebook page is full of positive reviews like this one, “Absolutely best customer service! They came and checked my A/C after hours, needed a new A/C so they got everything in and got me all fixed up quickly! Great company and amazing people!”

Here are a few more things I learned about Easter Heat & Air during a recent telephone interview with Sheila.

1. With summer upon us, should residents get their air conditioners checked before using them?

“We suggest pre-maintenance from March through May,” Sheila said. “We can still work people in for pre-maintenance checks, but we are already pretty busy and our service calls take priority.”

2. What precautions are the company taking during the COVID pandemic?

“We offer no-contact service calls,” Sheila said. “When this first started, all of our employees (there are eight) worked from home and were only called for service.

“Most of the work they do is outside, but if they do have to go inside they wear gloves and a mask.

“And we can take all payments by phone.”

3. More about Easter Heat & Air:

Aside from maintenance and repair, the company installs heating and air conditioning units in new homes, apartments and businesses.

“There is a lot of construction right now so we are really busy,” Sheila said. “Mini-splits installed in home add-ons like man caves and she sheds are also growing in popularity.

“A mini split is a small unit that mounts on the wall or ceiling that provides air. They are very economical and the technology is unbelievable.”

4. What do you love most about living in Stephenville?

“I love everything about our community. It fits our lifestyle,” she said. “Everyone has always been so warm and welcoming here.

“And of course, I love working beside Chris.”

Easter Heat & Air is located at 865 S. Graham Street in Stephenville.

To schedule a no-contact appointment call 254-968-6494.


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